Seems like these days i watch you from afar
Seems like these days i watch you from afar
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Ben Winston Must Be Stopped: A Masterpost  



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this little idiot is so happy about himself while everyone’s ignoring him

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Like us; But they never tried, like us. +

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Nothing can come between You and I

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One Direction - You & I

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2011 - 2013
2012 - 2014

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i’ve never seen this before

whoops here are the direct links to the instagram posts (x) (x)

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@juanton711: Lovely catching up with @harrystyles today! Still the same kid I met 3 years ago. 😀👍

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Anonymous pondered: Because typically when you register a vehicle, its from your birth month. Harry's birth month is February... Louis' is December. Harry's motorcycle is registered in December (as it says on the plate). I'm saying its possible it's Louis registered the license/bike.


oh. my god. I never even thought about that. HEADCANON 100% ACCEPTED.

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luisortegag: Happy easter #justoneoftheboys @harrystyles
luisortegag: Happy easter #justoneoftheboys @harrystyles

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story of harry’s life probably


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You & I’ is a love song. It’s saying that you’re inseparable and nothing can get in the way of you and your love.

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